Tracer (Older) - Demo


***PLEASE NOTE*** This is the original Tracer that requires TouchDesigner to work. Please check out my newer ported version over on the Wire platform, native to Resolume, check out:

A Demo of the application Tracer.
Please use this Demo to see if Tracer is the right tool for you.
Full version:

The application Tracer allows you to take in your Resolume Arenas Advanced Output slices and creates animated textures using them and updating in real-time.

For information on what it does and how to use it, Please watch this video tutorial:

Tracer requires a copy of TouchPlayer or TouchDesigner to run:

Currently Tracer is limited to rendering rectangles. Sorry, No complex shapes for now.
For compositions Larger than 720p, You will need a commercial or pro license of TouchPlayer or TouchDesigner.
This Demo is limited to 15 minutes of output and you will not be able to save.
Pixel Party applications were designed and built on a PC, OSX has NOT been tested and is not technically supported. I have exported a version for OSX but I have No way of testing it or troubleshooting it.

For questions/comments/support please email:

Please Note:
As I am a full time touring engineer, I will most likely not have the time to regularly fix bugs or have the time to work with you 1 on 1 for support. I will do my best. Please, Please use this Demo to be 100% certain that this is the right tool for you. I can Not offer any refunds, so it is upon you to make sure that this tool is exactly what you need before you purchase it.

Thank you for your interest in my products. Much Love! 
~Pixel Party

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Tracer (Older) - Demo

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